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“If you’re looking for paintings that reflect your modern tastes, at a fair price, and don’t want to waste your time trying to find what you like, you are in the right place.”


About Black Pop

Black Pop is about expanding the visual arts community of partners in Denmark & UK facilitating more international creative & business exchanges in part by making it easy, convenient and even hyggeligt (cosy) for you to buy original contemporary art that makes you happy every single time you look at it.

All five partners believe that merging art with architecture, TV and real estate enriches both the urban landscape and the viewer/ tenant/visitor experience, while maximizing property values and providing a unique identity and visibility for the Black Pop brand in its core markets. Black Pop’s art and architecture intensive philosophy has made a profound, positive impact on the performance of its properties, cultivating exceptional relationships with B2B, brokers, collectors, investors who view Black Pop as inherently unique, while helping to maintain peak growth levels across the Black Pop Art/TV/ Real Estate and our Event portfolio.

Avoid stuffy art galleries and online galleries where you don’t know what you are getting. Instead, whilst you can purchase a painting virtually, you can also visit the gallery 7 days a week at its location in Copenhagen’s First Hotel G (in photo’s below) or if your in London UK please visit our UK Partner  Red Gallery London 1-3 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DT, United Kingdom +44 20 7613 3620 ask for Ernesto Leal 




WITH so many wealthy collectors competing for the work of a few dozen international art stars, top galleries are in a position to handpick their clientele these days, keeping long and closely guarded waiting lists for new work. As a result, many insiders say, today’s art consultants are valued as much for their entree as for their advice on choice acquisitions.



“The most important thing an art adviser can provide is access,” said Solomon Lyttle , 44, an adviser who specializes in Contemporary & Urban art with an emphasis on emerging artists. “It’s become much more difficult to buy art these days, especially in the primary market, which is highly imperfect because, unlike auction buying, it’s a closed system based largely on relationships of trust.” Like many top advisers Mr. Fletcher spent years forging connections in the art world before starting his own business in 1990.


Most people are intimidated and don’t know where to begin,” Mr. Lyttle said. “With an adviser you evolve a conversation and at the very least narrow down certain interests, certain preferences, which leads you to certain artists and galleries.”




When a collector falls in love with a work that is out of his price range or that has an impossibly long waiting list, Mr. Lyttle said, he will try to track down less expensive works — like editioned prints, multiples or works on paper — by the same artist.


We love to give back to our Black Pop community by inviting them to different events spanning art, music and fashion industries that we organize with various local partners. Check out “Event booking” for examples in Copenhagen and London’s Red Gallery which offers diverse raw space for a number of uses –Exhibitions Film screenings Live comedy Live music Red Market Talks and lectures

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Black Pop world. If you’d like to meet us in person whilst visiting the gallery make sure to email or call ahead to book a time. Come see why Black Pop makes buying art as easy as brunch – oh, and coffee is on us.

Words from our Marketing manager

Rebels with a cause

Over time with many great, intriguing and exploring experiences, Black Pop has evolved into much more than another art gallery, which perhaps more accurately is described as a “rain maker” than anything else. We partner with business owners and movers/shakers to increase sales, hype and connections in the community through vehicles such as art/music/fashion events, grassroots marketing campaigns and good old “hey have you met…?”

Our Danish/International network, results-driven marketing expertise and agility mean clients tell us they are happy to have started working with us, instead of a bureaucratic powerpoint-maker. If powerpoints are your thing, well, we all have backgrounds with major brands, so I suppose…

…but our main focus is making a simple plan of action to make interesting ideas reality. Come join us there, where the magic happens.

We love getting people talking at our events and with our promotions – this also extends into our art business. Did you know that if you ask people their feelings on art, the majority mention one of the most exciting things about buying a new painting is the prospect of showing it off to guests? It’s that social aspect that drives our commercial paintings selection, working with some of the best street and contemporary artists in the Nordics/UK.

Black Pop continues to evolve and a whole new chapter is beginning with our new gallery headquarters at First Hotel G. You want art, you want events, you want interesting people doing interesting things? Give us a ring, we’re looking forward to coffee with you.

Here’s to filling your white walls and calendar, and hope to see you soon,

Janne Furbo 

Marketing Manager.

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Our Partners

We’d like to thank Black Pop’s steady partners: MoonRaker Studios, Bar7, First Hotel G, Internations, Scandic Front Rotary Club and JCI International.

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