What are our customers and Black Pop community members saying?

“I’ve always been a fan of streetart and I loved the paintings of Martin Whatson. I spent hours looking at them when I came to Paludan.
When my brother’s 21st birthday came up, I wanted to give him something special. I had two paintings in mind but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. And since I spent one year in Copenhagen, I knew that I wanted to have something special that reminded me of my stay there. So I decided to buy both of the paintings. This way, I can enjoy both of them whenever I feel like.
My brother had a blast with his painting and I have my special souvenirs that remind me of the best time in my life that I’ve had up to now.”

– Wencke Brauns buying a Martin Whatson art piece


“Den lille pige, der rakte efter prinsessekronen, gjorde stort indtryk på mig. Tak for vores aftale, jeg nyder billedet og går og flytter rundt med mine andre billeder for at finde den bedste plads.”
Kærlig hilsen Inge

- Inge Hansen, proud owner of both "My Kingdom for a Crown" and "Pageant Queen"

“Found one .. Looks like Venice with the text “Keep Destroying the Classics” written on top.. Hadn’t heard about this project and my friends thought I was crazy insisting on bringing the painting along all night (which involved hiding it outside the clubs when the bouncers wouldn’t let me bring it in) .. Funny story with the idea behind all of this – makes the painting even more fun to have hanging on the wall.”

- Kasper Moll, found a piece (and brought it out on the town!) during our Casva art scavenger hunt

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