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We service a select limited number of clients – collectors who seek to build collections of uniqueness and distinction.


The Black Pop & Furbo Co Art Advisory & consulting Services is a highly experienced professional consulting firm with expertise in Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art. We service a select limited number of clients – collectors who seek to build collections of uniqueness and distinction.

Our services are geared to a select and limited number of clients. We are thus able to focus our energies and unsurpassed access in the most productive and meaningful ways possible. In serving the collector, our first and paramount job is to gain a full understanding of objectives, including the client’s area of interest, aesthetic taste, and budget requirements. This way, each collection we help build embodies the interests and personal desires of the collector.

Our firm & associates brings the highest levels of scholarship and connoisseurship to vetting works of art. Our in-house research is greatly facilitated by a private online library as well as hard and soft back books of over twelve thousand volumes, which includes many out-of-print monographs, annotated exhibition catalogues, and other art periodicals and publications. This unique and special resource, combined with keen critical judgment and art world experience, is placed exclusively at the service of our clients. The complex matrix of factors that determines the desirability and value of a work of art, such as provenance, condition, global supply and demand, critical importance and historic significance, is the focus of our research and analysis, and at the heart of our practice.

PABLO PICASSO “Mosquetaire. Buste”1968 Oil on boar 100x81 cm

Collecting art provides many rewards, not the least of which is asset value appreciation. Our clients have enjoyed extraordinary performance in the value of their collections, with many of their acquisitions rising astronomically in value. Through hard work, unmatched coverage of the international art world and keen eyes, we have an unparalleled record of identifying art movements and individual artists of importance, before they are deemed “hot” by the rest of the pack.
Because of our standing prominence in the field, the sheer number of offerings that have been made through our practice over 23 years, our extensive database and the quality of our clients’ collections, we have been privy to a wealth of information on the pricing of art objects. Over these many years, we have built – data point by data point – an unmatched archive on the prices of literally thousands of works of art. Our private archive on market valuations (which goes way beyond only public auction results) enables us to provide collectors with thorough pricing analysis on each potential acquisition, thus minimizing the potential risk and increasing the potential for gain.

As private advisors we work solely in the service of our clients, providing neutral and objective advice uncompromised by anything but the collector’s specific and unique needs, desires and objectives. Our position of neutrality is distinct from the conflicted interests of dealers, auction house personnel and museum curators. The selling strategy of gallery owners and dealers is driven by the artists they represent and their inventory; the advice provided by auction house personnel is determined by what is in their upcoming sales; and the counsel of museum curators is guided by the collecting needs and priorities of the institutions that employ them. Our only agenda is our client’s agenda.

There are more international art fairs, gallery shows, biennials and museum exhibitions today than ever before. Because collectors are typically very busy people with a multitude of interests, they cannot possibly cover all that is of importance on their own. As experienced professionals, we extend the collector’s reach and market coverage and thereby increase their access to the best works of art that are in high demand and are rare to the market. Our clients are benefited by our longstanding, dependable relationships with a vast number of gallerists, dealers, auction house personnel and museum officials, and by our ability to expend time and effort attending exhibitions and selling venues around the world.

Our services do not end once an acquisition is made. We register works of art and liaise with appropriate vendors to organize framing, proper packing and shipping, delivery and installation on the client’s behalf. And we provide counsel to insure that the collector’s environment is conducive to the proper maintenance of works of art. As with all of our services, collection management is tailored to our client’s individual needs.

We are experienced in serving the collector who prefers anonymity, as well as the collector who chooses to take on a more public profile. While our firm’s position in the art world is public and prominent, for clients wishing anonymity we offer complete privacy and utmost discretion and confidentiality. For clients who wish to develop a more public profile, Black Pop Contemporary is able offer appropriate opportunities.

Janne K Furbo (Principal) Solomon E Lyttle (Principal) Morgan Thomas (Principal) Matthew Myers (Principal)

The offering, a return to Tokyo. Detail.

The offering, a return to Tokyo. Detail. by Antony Micallef

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