Asger Bjørn

Explosive, temperamental, moving. Much can be said about the art of Asger Bjørn, but one thing is certain; it is never dull.

Asger creates his pieces without reservation or compromise, something that is immediately recognizable. That said, the layers in his paintings also deserve mention, as there are many of them intertwined, twisting our perception of the painting’s reality.
A similar effect is achieved by means of words, which are utilized as graphic tools and roadsigns in the world of the painting. Words are very important in Asger’s art, in the same way as choice of colour or motif.
What is it all about? An easy question to ask, but a hard one to answer – unless you are ready to open your eyes and look into yourself, because it is there that all the thoughts and feelings you will encounter in the confrontation with Asger’s art are housed.
Fearlessness is a plus when you considering Asger’s works, because as in the real world with its turmoil, it is never easy to decide what your course of action should be. Even when it is apparent what is going on in front of your

Written by Troels A. Nielsen


Amazonmom // 150 x 150cm // Oil on canvas // 18.000 kr
Bottles (Same Wars - Different Uniforms) // 120 x 100cm // Oil on canvas// SOLD
Coins & Wisdom // 40 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // SOLD
Crucified // 40 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // SOLD
Ex-Girlfriends Club // 104 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // SOLD
Fragile Birth // 40 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // SOLD
Friends & Foes // 40 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // SOLD
Heart in a cage // 110 x 85cm // Oil on canvas // 7.480 kr.
M.M.L. // 110 x 85cm // Oil on canvas // 7.480 kr.
Rabbithole // 120 x 80cm // Oil on canvas // 7.680 kr.
Time goes by // 100 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // 8.000 kr.
Trilogy : Ego. Love. Dope // 40 x 100cm // Oil on canvas // 3.200 kr. pr. piece
World Wide Suicide // 105 x 105cm // Oil on canvas // 8.820 kr.

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