PH Grand Piano

Be inspired by Danish design icon and German quality. PH Pianos are the most exclusive pianos on the market and bring style and beauty to any place and interior project.

PH Pianos are designed in the 1930’s by Poul Henningsen (PH) and the design still belongs to the future! PH Pianos are crafted by Blüthner in Germany.

It’s what is inside that counts. But how do you create a sound that matches the transparent beauty of this grand piano? Go back 150 years, travel to the cultural heart of Europe and visit the city of Leipzig, Germany.

Ask for Julius Blüthner – and follow the golden tone, until you arrive at his pianoforte factory. Take a deep breath, you are among the great. Brahms, Liszt, Mahler, Schumann and Tschaikovsky were all welcome guests in the Blüthner home. Shh, Rachmaninov is about to play.

The outstanding technical and musical qualities of Blüthner Pianos are legendary. Combine all this with a sublime design – and what do you get? Sleepless nights until you own one.



Many different finishes like mink fur, Swarovski crystals, diamonds, gold or the latest with python skin. All piano’s are individually crafted and made to the customers taste. It takes 60-90 days, then delivered by our professionals anywhere in the world, we also offer to place the piano where you desire.

Prices start from 86.000 Euro (excluding VAT and transport)

To organize a free trial in your country contact our team by email

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