A new member of the Black Pop family.

Pipsqueak is the new improved formula of Plusminus Produkties. Politics, media and commercials are growing louder every day. Plusminus Produkties’ Pipsqueak wants to communicate louder as well. Although his voice might be too small to be heard, it never hurts to turn up the volume. To be loud feels awkward, for he always sees two sides of a story. The harshness and sweetness of reality; ‘sugar coated horror’. Pipsqueak does not have the intention to prophesize a better world, but notices there are quite a few flaws ready for improvement. Pipsqueak cannot make a change in big issues, as there are wars, oil spills, commerce and another wide variety of human failures, but feels an urge to share his concern. From now on some of the paintings will be accompanied by this button. Which gives you background information on the painting.

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